Individual Russian teacher for language coaching

Individual lessons of the Russian language according to the author’s methodology for all levels of preparation from scratch to confident communication.

All levels from Alfabeth to business communication

Russian language for beginners and advanced students.

Business Russian

Business communication lessons in Russian. Custom lessons for preparation in negotiations, conferences, communication in a business environment and networking.

Improve special skills

Special lessons for the development of speaking skills and the development of speech speed.

About me:

  • Basic education: in 2012 graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science of St. Petersburg State University.
  • 2018 Methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language, Russian lab

Additional business education:

  • 2020 MBA in sales, Olga Nikiforova
  • 2021 Construction of sales departments, Mikhail Grebenyuk

I have experience in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. I have been working as the head of the sales department since 2020 in various language schools. 

I do a lot of networking within the business environment, with entrepreneurs, mainly in the field of information technology, and I know how a dialogue is built in a business environment. I can prepare a special course for you, taking into account the specifics of the business, as well as support a conversational lesson on the topic of sales, marketing, business negotiations.

How are my lessons going?

The grammar of the Russian language is complex and confusing. But language is primarily a tool that must be used for communication. In the lessons, I focus on the spoken language.

I have prepared several hundred images, which I use to describe situations and objects.

At a higher level, you answer questions. I have prepared several hundred questions, grouped by topic, to discuss interesting and topical issues.

We will read small and relevant texts on the topic that interests you and discuss them. You will learn to express your point of view.

Any topic

I can talk with you about business and politics. If necessary, your point of view wouldn't affect the conversation, my main goal is to teach you to speak Russian.

Useful slang expressions

I will explain not only words and grammar, but useful slang expressions, meanings of jokes and the sense of humor of Russian people.

Online and offline

I work online, but face-to-face lessons in Moscow are available at a special price and taxi compensation.

The problem for many students is that they have excellent grammar skills, but no speaking skills. This is often due to lack of practice and fear of error. In order to solve this problem, we begin to discuss topics and express an opinion on a particular problem.

Many teachers teach only to solve grammar exercises, while from the very first lesson I teach to speak and express your opinion.

What topics do I discuss with students?

To help you understand the topics of conversation, I will give a few examples.

Basic level

Favorite movies, favorite characters, brands and bloggers. Travel, clothing, music, gastronomy.

Advanced level

Traits of character and profession. What qualities should a teacher, doctor, businessman, commercial director, sales manager have? - in this topic, we work out about 100 adjectives. You will receive a list of adjectives in the supplement to this lesson.

The younger generation and the generation of parents, what do we have in common and what is different? What was better in the life of our parents, and what is better in our generation? - when discussing this topic, you find a few dozen words that you lack to express your opinion.

Usually this topic evokes a lot of emotions and people are looking for how to say in Russian what they think about.

How long does it take to learn Russian?

Assume that you need 100 hours for one level of language. One textbook is designed for 100 hours (6 months).

In the European classification of language proficiency, it is customary to make language proficiency at 6 levels.


If you have a goal of confident language proficiency, then get ready to study the language for 2-3 years.


Not everyone learns a language in order to be proficient in it. You can become familiar with the language, learn useful words and phrases, begin to understand the conversation, and get to know the culture.

Educational materials

  • For beginners, I use two tutorials: Tochka-ru and Poehali.
  • At the advanced level, I use my own materials, as well as materials prepared personally for you upon request.
  • Besides textbooks, I use words and phrases and songs and films. I do not use Russian films, but official professional Russian translations of world famous and popular films. Films can be chosen from your preferences.