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Hi! I am Polina. I always loved foreign languages , but as many Russians, I did not speak other languages for a very large part of my life! But it changed when I started travelling!

I started teaching Russian by accident! But soon I fell in love with this occupation and interacting with my students. I was happy and proud that I could teach someone to speak my own language.

I begun studying about teaching methods and experimenting with teaching.

Welcome to my school. We have a very friendly and peaceful atmosphere.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, all classes are held online!

You can use any messangers you want to have lessons. Ask about it.

Kind of lessons

Grammatical themes + text + text exercises + practice

This course it’s a good option if you are starting to study Russian. 

Read about program of the course

6 cases course

From A1 to B1

This course is devoted to the most important grammatical theme of Russian language cases. 

To participate in this course you need to know the basic knowledge. 

You can pass complete the course ( in 5.5 months), or take a seperate part of the course based on the cases that you need.

The full course includes 43 lessons.

Individual lessons

Study Russian much faster in individual lessons.
Focus only on your needs.

– in a convenient place and at a convenient time;
– it won’t be boring;
– in you pace;
– only what you need.

In Moscow or Online

Conversation Club

The conversation club is a full-fledged lesson. Each lesson has one common topic on which we communicate, as well as one grammatical theme that we practice! All questions, tasks and other material are developed taking into account this grammatical topic.

Everyone will participate in the conversations and will have the opportunity to express their opinion. 

Before and after the lessons our teacher will send the new vocabulary that each student has learned.

To participate in the conversation club you should have at minimum knowledge about the grammar theme we announced.

Grammar themes of Conversation Club:

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