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Education by microlearning principle

Education by microlearning principle

What is microlearning training?

Every day you get short tasks that take 10-15 minutes to complete. You practice every day and your knowledge grows!

I have been teaching Russian for a long time and I see that many students dont have enough time to study.

Learning a language is difficult and time-consuming. But the most important thing in learning a language is to learn it constantly, without interruption!

It is better to learn every day for 10 minutes than 1 hour once a week.

How does this work?

Get your task!

Every day you get a task: new words, text, audio, photos.

Do it in chat!

You have 12 hours to respond to the assignment.

Get corrections from your teacher!

The teacher checks your assignment and corrects mistakes.

Get a new task!

You get the next task based on your mistakes.

How are classes for students of different levels held:


For beginners, we start with the alphabet. You get information in small steps. You read from the first lesson. We teach Russian letters based on Latin ones. You receive the text and read it in an audio message.


If you already know how to read, then you should become familiar with gender, singular and plural forms, adjectives and verbs. Every day you get new words with which ones you can practice grammar. Our teacher sends audio, asks questions. You reply with text and audio messages.


If you already know grammar quite well, but speak badly or are afraid to speak at all, then we will communicate on different topics. Small interesting topics: food, hobbies, movies, shopping etc. Answer the teacher's questions and learn new words. All your grammatical mistakes will be corrected and you will receive tasks to practice them.


If you already speak Russian fluently, know grammar, but you still need practice, then our lessons are the best opportunity to improve your knowledge, communication skills with a native speaker, and learn up-to-date words. Let's discuss movies, last news, articles, books and our daily life.

You can practice anywhere, anytime.

 In transport, at work, at lunchtime. You only need 10-15 minutes a day.

The course includes:

Micro learning is effective because you get small chunks of information every day!

Microlearning is information in a pill!

The course is completely individual.

Try one day for free to see how it works!

The cost of the course is 5000 rubles per month (70$ USD).

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