Russian language in Moscow & Online

I teach you how to speak

Individual lessons ONLINE and in Moscow

Who am I

Hello! My name is Polina. I’m a Russian teacher for foreigners.
I’m from Moscow. 😊

I’m an specialist in spoken language.

My lessons are:
20% grammar and 80% speaking
(Based on your level)

If you have been learning Russian for a long time and you don’t speak yet, then I’m what you’re looking for! 😍

My lessons are online anywhere and onsite in Moscow (Rostokino metro)

Among my students were people from: USA, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Japan, India, Canada, Kyrgyzstan etc…

How I teach

Learn Russian for:


Language examination: residence permit or citizenship


Language for life in Russia and everyday situations

Work and buisnass

For work and business, negotiations and management.

For fun and and memory training

Do you like Russian language and culture? Enjoy it with us! We will focus on your preference.

Kind of lessons

Grammatical themes + text + text exercises + practice

This course it’s a good option if you are starting to study Russian. 

In Moscow (Rostokino metro) or Online

Read about program of the course

Individual lessons

Study Russian much faster in individual lessons.
Focus only on your needs.

– in a convenient place and at a convenient time;
– it won’t be boring;
– in you pace;
– only what you need.

In Moscow (Rostokino metro) or Online

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, all classes are held online!

I recommend using Skype or Zoom since it gives a lot of opportunities in the lesson, for example, showing the student your screen and making notes during the lesson.

Russian songs: Loboda

Loboda “To hell with love” Я с закрытыми глазами, прямо в пропасть между нами.I’m with my eyes...

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Russian songs: Elena Temnikova

Темникова «Импульсы города»Temnikova ” Impulses of the city» Я сквозь мембраны впускаю звук.I let sound in through...

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Russian songs: Valeria

Я вижу твою улыбкуI see your smile Я помню свою ошибкуI see your smile Но сердцу уже...

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