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VR Simulation X K-pop Startup - with an intense focus on production quality and VR storyline

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  • South Korea
  • Founded 2016

Raising $ 300,000




The Goal

VR Leader wants to make everyone and anyone's dating fantasies come true through VR.
We provide a comprehensive VR Dating experience -- the next step in immersive VR content.


• My VID (name in progress) is a market-tested VR dating simulation game, where users choose from various models and K-pop celebrities to embark on a fantastical dating journey on their phones

• Already launched beta service to procure useful consumer data & paying consumers; one of the few first market-entrants on actual-image VR dating

• Collaborative effort with various show business experts

• Looking to upscale tech & production resources

Pre-money Valuation


Pitch Deck

Current View

Founding Story

As soon as VR got its first media attention, our team saw thousands of ways that this instrument could fundamentally change society as we knew it. Thus, a seemingly unfitting team came together, to explore and discover the many surprises VR technology has to offer. Our team, comprised of a K-pop entertainment insider with a computer engineering background, a finance expert of over 11 years, and a business student with an international upbringing, focuses on top-quality VR content production.

Company Description

VR Leader was founded in 2015, with the mission to develop VR simulations that bring fantasies into reality.
Pivoting from VR Safety Protocol Simulations, VR Education, VR Console Games, and VR Dramas, we are now working on a VR Dating Simulation with K-pop Stars, to offer users a complete immersive, dream-come-true experience.
We strive to upscale our VR experience, and one day become the world’s leading VR entertainment simulation company.
Most recently, we have become officially recognized by the Korea Venture Business Association as a "certified venture company" as of October, 2017.

Key Features:
VR Production Infrastructure (cameras, experience, technical skills)
VR Development Infrastructure (computer, HTC Vive, gear VR, technical skills)
K-pop Infrastructure (K-pop insider, connections to various stars)

With our latest project, the VR Dating Simulation application, we realize that relying on celebrity IP can only take us so far; from there it's about the VR experience, storyline and production quality. Thus we strive for a synergy between the two features, and set the goal to create "a VR game we would play without celebrities; a celebrity content we would enjoy without game features".

We continuously ask ourselves, "Why VR? What can VR bring to this experience that previous platforms could not?", and seek to create the optimum VR experience.

Byungho Cho - 20 years experience film producer
Chulmin Chang - 20 years experience film director
Movement Pictures - specialized production team

Products & Services

My VID (name in progress) |

A VR Dating Simulation App, Where K-pop Fans Meet their Stars in a Dream-Come-True Meeting

"My Virtual Interaction Drama" (My VID, name in progress) is a mobile app where users go on a fantastical date with their favorite K-pop celebrities and models. The app focuses on using VR production techniques as a means of providing a personalized, realistic, and immersive dating journey.
During gameplay, users are given the choice on how to progress through the storyline via interactive features. With regularly updated contents and celebrity line ups, My VID is, taking a long-term perspective, a K-pop VR platform that aggregates K-pop artists, models and their global fans into one platform, providing celebrities with a hereto unreachable audience, and consumers with a new medium of finding new artists and enjoying K-pop culture.

(1) 360VR – i) Extensive focus on finding the right shooting techniques that can optimize the VR experience, ultimately suggesting the answer to the question "how does VR make this experience better?"
(2) K-pop infrastructure – Various K-pop stars, sourced at 50% of normal casting costs. 1 star/1day for filming, allowing for rapid platform content updates
(3) User Interaction – i) Users are given the choice on how to progress with the story through interactive features. ii) User-Driven Casting.
(4) Tech - Catering to lower-tier mobile devices through transcoding & server technology.

(1) Filmed, Edited, and Serviced - 4 Models (1 Instagram Star)
(2) Filmed - K-pop Artist Flashe (Avg. 100-500 thousand Youtube views, one video with 10 million views)
(3) Casting officially agreed on - K-pop Artist BP Rania (1-5 million Youtube views)
(4) In progress - Various K-pop Artists and Online Celebrities, 1-5 million Youtube views

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
Guhee Karl Lee CFO Karl integrates the team’s idea into real business settings, and is the sturdy backbone of the company managing finance and operations. He is a finance expert who has worked in major institutions including the Standard Chartered Bank and the AIA Group for 10 years. He was also recently an operator at an Angel Investment Club in Seoul.


CHANGHEE KIM CEO Chang Hee is the idea man and executive contents producer of the team. He is a K-pop insider who has been involved in the K-pop industry as part of his family business for over 7 years. With a background in computer engineering, he has developed VR contents for 3 years.


Jun Geon Lee CSO JunGeon directs corporate strategy and global business development. He's spent 15 years living overseas and brings insight on attractive markets for the company. As a business major, he's been involved in various internships, case competitions, and more.


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