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All art leads to BitGlim! BitGlim offers Online art exhibition platform "Artemist" and holds Offline art festival "PASA” every year.

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The Goal

BitGlim wants to Lead the 2nd Renaissance in the 4th Industrial Age
Your help will support new and unknown talented artists in the world that enrich your culture.


• Partnering with world-renowned fine art schools, such as New York’s Parsons School of Design, we have built services aimed at providing artists with a global network and platform. We need to expand as much as possible in order to give these talented individuals the exposure and recognition they need and deserve.

• Our strategies & your funding will create BitGlim that will become a global force and lead the world into a Smart Era Renaissance.

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Current View

Founding Story

BitGlim was founded as a response to the harsh reality of the modern-day global art industry. Each year, the market share of art decreases. One might think that this would drive the price of art up, but ironically, artist income has also declined, accompanied by an increasing income gap between famous and unknown artists. This modern-day crisis in artists’ earnings and status is an international issue because the loss of art and diversity in art is a loss for culture the world over. To try to ameliorate this problem, BitGlim held the "PASA" (Photo and Science Art) Festival in South Korea to support new and unknown global artists. While this festival was successful, we found that offline support for artists could only go so far. We needed to expand our business by taking it online. Hence, the online service "Artemist" was conceived. It has been in development, and we plan to launch the Beta service in April 2018. BitGlim’s efforts have found broad support, being sponsored by such varied funders as Suwon City, a state-endowed startup fund called RIPC, and the Industrial Bank of Korea. Now, BitGlim is looking forward to collaborating with anyone who shares our vision for the future. We promise that our passion and efforts will never let you down. With your funding and support, we will start by establishing a US branch of the BitGlim Corporation. With that new foothold in the West, we will be ready to make BitGlim’s services truly global in order to help as many different artists and cultures as we possibly can.

Company Description

The name BitGlim was created by combining two words: BIT, as in the smallest digital unit, & GLIM, as in a ray of light. Taken together, our vision is to take the art world into the 21st century by shedding light on all artists through modern, digital means. We offer art services that help users to share their work with the world, both online & offline, no matter their personal circumstances.

BitGlim has two main components: the PASA Festival & Artemist.
Each year, we hold the PASAFestival in the tangible world. We exhibit art from new and unknown artists along with works from established artists. In 2016 & 2017, our art festival featured more than 200 international artists. Beyond the festival, we are also developing an app called "Artemist." Through our service, users become alchemists of art that can use various tools to create brand new art and exhibit their work.

Our BM can be understood as the following. First, artists upload their work to Artemist. Through the vast interconnectivity of the service, Artemist can increase the public's access to and awareness of the work and artists more quickly and easily than offline. Second, we will exhibit a curated selection of the online art at the PASA Festival, with an emphasis on work that is creative, popular, and forward-looking. Third, online users will be encouraged to visit the PASA Festival to browse, discover, and purchase new pieces. In this way, we will form a seamless integration of On&Offline art services and maximize artists' field of exposure and influence. Also, we will collaborate with manufacturing companies to integrate artwork into their product designs, further supporting artists and increasing their renown.

Our profits will be composed of commissioning and advertising revenues. Commissioning will essentially be a small charge for using our online services and offline exhibition spaces. Advertising will mean selling On&Offline advertising opportunities that will be exposed to the public, similar to other platform companies.

We have seen smart technology’s sphere of influence increase to the point where it even replaces human capabilities. But we see art as the dignity and uniqueness of humanity that can never be eclipsed by technology. BitGlim will support artists to create creative art for the sake of humanity. Our ultimate goal is to develop smart art technologies that enrich art culture, like 3D printer and VR/AR. We are confident that we will lead the world into a second Renaissance.

Products & Services

Artemist for Online! |

Be an alchemist of art on Artemist!

“Artemist” is a combination of two words: Art and Alchemist. An Artemist is one who can take a wide variety of inputs and synthesize amazing new works, almost as if by magic. Hence, our app "Artemist" offers an online art platform service where users can easily access and share any kind of art your mind can conceive of.

Our business model is very simple. Artemist sells online space for exhibition and advertising to artists and advertisers. Then, audiences will view advertisements and pay to see new and wonderful types of art. This business model will expand as we develop three new features of our service: live-streaming of art activity, open-call for the best artwork, and facilitation of collaborative art.

Mainstream video-streaming platforms like Adobe’s Behance and YouTube have the problem that high-quality content does not guarantee profit. However, with Artemist, we will forge a new culture of art consumption and support of artists wherein high quality work is worth spending money on.

PASA Festival for Offline! |

The fusion of Photo and Science Art, PASA Festival!

PASA Festival is the acronym of Photo and Science Art and embraces the fusion of technology and art as the art form of the future.

In 2016, from October to December, we held our first PASA Festival in Suwon City, South Korea with more than 150 international artists. We exhibited art from unknown but talented artists alongside work from well-renowned artists. The festival featured art in various media including media art, integrative art, facade, and video art. Approximately 1,000 visitors came to view various exhibitions.

In 2017, we held the 2nd PASA Festival, once again located in Suwon City. The festival featured 40 new talented artists during October, and attracted about 450 visitors in 2 weeks.

We are planning to hold the PASA Festival annually, increasing the number of participating artists each year. With the PASA Festival, we will exhibit creative, futuristic, and popular artwork selected from our online service "Artemist" and collaborate with galleries around the world to boost international artistic exchange.

Revenue from the PASA Festival comes from sponsorship, advertisement, and entrance ticketing.

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
Jinpyo Park Service Manager. I studied material science at Wisconsin University. I worked at HVAC company, "APC TECH Co., Ltd" in Korea for overseas and domestic business and product R&D. With my experiences of documentation and management, I became confident in setting up the document system. Now, in BitGlim, I manage all documents related to online and offline services of BitGlim.


Byungwoo Kim CDO. In 2012, I worked as a graphic artist in the mobile game company, ‘LoadComplete'. I designed the graphics of a game called ‘Alien VS People' and got promoted to the main artist for ‘Disco Panda.' After two years of service, ‘Reliance Entertainment,' which was an affiliate of India's biggest company Reliance ADA Group, purchased the copyright. I was promoted again in 2015 to art director. I took charge of all the graphics for ‘Dead Eyes,' which achieved the first rank for the category of paid games. These achievements, my skills, and experience are necessary for BitGlim's success


Jinhyung Park CEO. I studied Industrial Engineering at Penn State Univ. and successfully led a 3D printing project sponsored by TE Connectivity as a team leader. I worked as a regional manager in the Overseas Business department of CARRIER Ltd. Korea. I was initially hired as an intern but my superiors promoted me to a regional manager for my passion and diligence. In addition, I worked as an intern for the Global Market Counseling department in COLLIERS Int., Korea. I collected and organized data about the global real estate market. In those two companies, my cosmopolitan attitude and adaptability to new environments were highly praised by my coworkers and directors. As a whole, my management skills from my experiences will be the key for the globalization and organization of BitGlim founded for the fusion of business and art.


Devon Garrett US Agent. I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and an Associates Degree in Sociology. After obtaining my degrees, I worked as a Research Assistant for the University of Pennsylvania’s Linguistics Data Consortium. I scouted and annotated Internet videos for a linguistics database called HAVIC (Heterogeneous Audio Visual Internet Collection). I was later recruited to Social Detection, Inc. where I worked as an Intelligence Data Analyst. I performed in-depth social media/internet and background searches for insurance fraud investigations. As a US agent, I used my past experiences with research to help find prospective investors and investment firms for BitGlim.


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