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Mobidoo offers a contactless mobile payment solution using it's Inaudible Sound Transmission technology, which sends data over sound.

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  • Seoul , South Korea
  • Founded 2013

Raising $ 1,000,000




The Goal

Mobidoo wants to enable data communication between mobile and devices using existing speaker.
Mobidoo offers a contactless mobile payment solution using it's Inaudible Sound Transmission technology, which sends data over sound.


• Has captured 30% of POS market in Korea and is discussing partnership with major banks

• Has 12 B2B clients in 5 countries and fast growing sales: $58K in 2015, $142K in 2016

Pre-money Valuation

14% Equity

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Current View

Company Description

Enabling Offline Payment& Authentication on any Device

- Mobidoo IST (Inaudible Sound Transmission) Technology is a protocol that transmits data for mobile payment as well as authentication at point-of-sale by using inaudible sound. A.I. algorithms detect the surroundings and thus, help guarantee a clever and safe transaction.

David Lee CEO at Mobidoo (

- Strategy Development: Samsung Electronics / Business Development of Qualcomm / Senior Consultant of IBM Global Business Services

Products & Services


Mobile payment & Transaction

“SMART SOUND” is the technology that sending data over soundwaves.
We have 5 solutions using SMART SOUND technology.

**1. Payment Solution**
: An interoperable solution between mobile payment service and POS.
It can be applied to any services at the point of sale such as pre-paid, point.
Now we have provided payment solution to Lotte (the largest retailer in Korea) as you can see blow video demo.

**2. Authentication Solution**
: It can be applied to entry system in company and attendance check in school.
This solution is also suitable for authentication process for on-demand service.

**3. (Location based)Marketing Solution**
: This solution can be applied to the customer engagement campaign in the retail shop, mall and so on. Furthermore, it can track the customer behavior either.

**4. IoT Solution**
: IoT solution helps paring process among devices.
It can be applied to devices communication whether the network is available or not.

**5. Sonic Stamp Solution**
: Sonic Stamp is a stamp-shape hardware that is generating SMART SOUND. We provide its SDK either. Sonic Stamp perfectly fits for on-demand services that are required authentication.

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
David Lee CEO


Logan Lee Research & Development / Team Leader


Lena Kim Financing & Operation / Team Leader


Jaden Lee Strategy & Planning / Team Leader


Gunter Kwon engineer


Amy Lee Director



| Total Funding Amount: $595,748

$ 300,000 ($ 300,000) | July 2017 | Series A

Investor Name Description Country
samsung next None

KRW 20.0 million ($ 18,484) | November 2016 | Seed

Investor Name Description Country
LOTTE Accelerator South Korea

KRW 300.0 million ($ 277,264) | March 2016 | Seed

Investor Name Description Country
Jimei KOREA Jimei Korea is an investment and advisory firm. South Korea

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